Protect your Domain Name

Without a trademark, you do not own your domain name.

Without a trademark, you might think that you own a domain name because you have registered it, but in actual fact -- unless you have a trademark (or some other entitlement to the domain name) -- a person or company with the same trademark as your domain can make you give it up.

That means that you may have been working on your business and web site for years only to simply have to hand it over to another who has registered the trademark before you.

Trademarks and domain names go hand in hand.

Conversely, if you have a trademark and someone else is using the same or similar domain, you can take steps to regain your rightful domain name.

Even though you have registered a trademark in Hong Kong or China, it will have application to dot com domains worldwide.

We advise you to take steps immediately to enure that no one can take away your domain name.

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Trademark Domains

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